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Bassoon exhibition - Master class - Trentino (Italy)

Prof. Achille Dallabona, together with Tutti Fagotti GmbH and Georg Rieger GmbH and Loris Zanetti, is organizing a bassoon exhibition, including a master class, in Trentino (Italy) from July 14th to July 16th 2022.

Prof. Achille Dallabonna will give a bassoon master class during these three days.

Nicolas Müller from Tutti Fagotti will present a large selection of bassoons, contrabassoons, bocals from the companies Heckel, Püchner and Yamaha, as well as a diverse range of bassoon accessories and sheet music.

You will have the possibility to try everything and he will advise you on all aspects of the bassoon.

With our company you will be able to try out all the materials, tools and machines related to the reed. You will have the possibility to compare the different templates and shapers, as well as to ask all your questions about reedmaking.

Details: Trentino Bassoon Expo 2022

Date: 14th July 2022 to 16th July 2022

Location: Trentino, Italy


Insieme al Prof. Achille Dallabonna insieme a Tutti Fagotti GmbH , Georg Rieger GmbH terrá dal 14. Luglio 2021 al 16. Luglio 2022 in Trentino, a Lavis una esposizione dedicata al fagotto ed una Masterclass. 

Achille terrà 3 giorni di corsi. 

Nicolas Müller di Tutti Fagotti esporrà  una vasta gamma di fagotti, controfagotti, esse Heckel, Püchner und Yamaha, così come molte ance e attrezzi per il fagotto ed Spartitit. Tutto da provare in totale tranquillità. 

Da noi invece  troverete  tutti i materiali e attrezzi così come macchinette per le ance. Canna ed ance di diverse forme e pantografi diversi. Saremo totalmente a disposizione per confronti, domande e necessità. 

Iscrizione: Trentino Bassoon Expo 2022



Johann Rieger
Prof. Achille Dallabonna

Tips + tricks for bassoon reeds, playing in - adjustment - maintenance

Tips + tricks for bassoon reeds, playing in - adjustment - maintenance
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