Our workshop for reedmaking machines and tools as well as canes for woodwind instruments in Gaggenau has been well known for a long time now to our customers from near and far.
The workshop is the heart of our company. It is always up to date, to meet the state of the art regarding  technology and to guarantee to our customers a solid, reliable work. Our long- term employees are ambitious, conscientious and know exactly what is important.




Our competent and honest advice is exactly what the experienced musicians need.
For everything we sell we feel responsible and stand for, with our reputation and our name! That you can be sure of.



Perfect crafts in combination with high-quality, materials of the highest standards  are the main elements of our company's philosophy. With great craftsman's skills and a deep passion for their profession, Georg Rieger and his son Johann have been carrying on the tradition of their family business over the last six decades.

Georg Rieger

Company founder

„When I finally started my own business, in 1980 with the first reedmaking machines, this happened because of a kind of necessity (I could no longer handle the increasing request for machines and carry on with my full time job at Mercedes), but most of all because of the passion I have for those instruments. Therefore I'm particularly pleased to see that the Rieger Company has grown over the years to be a business that stands for special products of high quality.“

Johann Rieger

Company owner

„I consider myself very fortunate to be able to realize my own visions and quality standards with the help of a pleasant and reliable team.“

Silke Buchmann

Order processing

„What I like most is the daily contact with our customers from all over the world and in different languages. It is nice to experience directly the excitement and satisfaction related to our products.“

Barbara Rauprich

Assistant - Public relations

„It is exciting to be able to work for a company with such a interesting history and tradition. An honest and transparent public relation, following the GeorgRieger company philosophy, this is my daily motivation.“

Peter Merz

CNC shaping parts

„I can fully identify with my work because I'm convinced of the quality of our machines and products. I've been working here for 22 years.......that says it all, I suppose.“

Uwe Pregger

CNC - turner parts

„I appreciate particularly the equally varied and demanding work in a familiar working atmosphere. Just perfect!“


Mike Mangler

Technical assistant

"I am interested in various tasks, detailed work for high-quality products. Working in a good atmosphere motivates me every day. "


1956 -1960

With the support of his bassoon teacher, Georg Rieger, a skilled toolmaker, makes his first tools and machines for reed making bassoon - at first exclusively for his own needs.

1961 -1973

With the first handmade gouging and profiling machines for bassoon Mr. Rieger starts a small manufacture in a shed by his house. Due to a growing production a first extension of the workshop is necessary.


Georg Rieger risks definitely the step into independence and builds yet another extension in order to store the machines and materials accordingly.


Johann Rieger, Georg Rieger’s son, joins the company as a mechanical engineering master in order to cope with the growing demand of tools, machines and canes.


The company Georg Rieger is turned into Georg Rieger GmbH.

2000 - now

The company is relocated in the industrial zone Bad Rotenfels. With the help of meanwhile four permanent employees and two temporary workers the company sells tools and machines worldwide. All our products are developed with a special focus on quality, longevity and functionality.


The "GeorgRieger" machines and tools have been well known to the insiders of the woodwind scene for their excellent processing and long lasting quality for a long time. In a fine and detailed work, we built machines that leave no limits to your wishes for the production of your own...... 

Passion, masterful skills and craftsmanship guarantee the production of this valuable machines and tools, from a single source. 

Based on the evolution of the tip profiling machine for bassoon canes, you can see the developments we made over the last 40 years.

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Manufactured at the foot of the Black forest, our tools and machines for Bassoon and Oboe are delivered wordwide with the quality trade name MADE IN GERMANY. Behind this, are 60 years of experience in development and production.
We guarantee highest quality, superior durability and reliable functionality or our products.