Gouged and shaped Oboe reed blanks, Shape: RC12, 0,57-0,58mm

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Rémi Alliaud is the third generation to run his family's cane business. His cane isn't grown in the typical cane-growing region in France, the Var, but 200km further west in the area between Camargue and Avignon.

Alliaud cane is medium hard/hard and dense. Futhermore, oboists are often impressed by the cane's beautiful grain and its consistently high quality has made it one of the most popular choices.

Oboe reed blanks, shaped RC12

Shape: RC12
Thickness gouged: 0.57 - 0.58 mm
Diameter: 10mm - 10,5mm
Hardness Medium
(In European reed making the sides of the cane (measured on shaped cane) are gouged c. 2/100mm thinner than the middle.
American reed making uses a different gouge with thicker sides, which are only c. 10/100mm thinner than the middle)


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